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Business value chain.

Updated: Mar 11

Every vital market’s future and competitiveness is challenged by increasing global competition, accelerating digital change and customer-centricity.

In too many cases, businesses are run by industrial management systems, even though the market mechanisms have developed and changed to the customer economy. Customer economy challenges company's strategies, culture, organization and operational models. True customer-centricity has raised more operational and detailed development needs on the executive team’s agendas and the “strategic flight altitude” is harder to maintain.

All these changes create delivery-gaps and bring out new identified needs.

- A need for a distinct and competitive business core and vision is greater than ever.

- A need for deep and data-driven customer understanding is greater than ever.

- A need for finding the actual root-causes that prevent businesses from growing is greater than ever.

- A need for excellent commercialization is greater than ever.

- A need for systematically and holistically lead brands and differentiation driven customer experience is greater than ever.

A business leadership model that is based on “brand as a business system”, offers a customer-centred approach to competitive advantage, growth strategy and generates higher company value through the intangible asset of the brand. Because a brand is why customers choose you and why they stay as your customer.

Business value chain:

Business strategy -> commercial strategy -> leadership -> brand-driven customer experience -> brand strength -> market performance -> company value.

In BX our mission is to help our customers for stronger commercialization and brands. Hence market performance and company value.

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