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Our boutique advisory consulting is focused on the three core areas of brand-intensive business


Brand should be one of the key strategic cornerstones of business. In brand intensive industries, intangible assets are the most important growth drivers, because traditional competitive advantage factors alone, such as production optimization, cannot generate adequate growth in the long term. Formulating and implementing a brand-driven business strategy can provide companies with enduring growth in areas where maximal growth potential is still unrealized.

  • Turnaround

  • Growth

  • New Business

Mergers & Acquisitions

Brand valuation is an essential but insufficiently understood component of mergers and acquisitions. We integrate brand into the entire acquisition pipeline, from pre-stage due diligence to transaction capital allocation and post-merger integration. Our concept is based on our extensive experience in business development consultation, and together with our partner, the law firm Roschier, we are now introducing the concept into acquisition cases.

  • Due Diligence

  • Transaction & Valuation

  • Integration

Leadership & Performance

In a brand intensive organization, brand acts as the strategic premise guiding the entire business, optimally clarifying both the management and operative actions of the company. Cutting across the entire company, brand is an entity whose acknowledgment as part of management is critical for the strategy to be successful. Due to the complex nature of brand, however, this is very difficult. We offer concrete tools for analysing and growing this most important intangible asset of the company.

  • Management Models

  • KPI’s & Performance

  • C-Suite Coaching

Meeting Room

Brands in mergers
and acquisitions


Brand-Driven Approach to Strategy and Management

BrandWorxx is a strategy partner for top executives, specialized in helping companies create more profitable business by better acknowledging their intangible assets in strategy, company management and M&A in brand intensive industries.

We are specialized in challenges in strategy and management in both B2B and B2C businesses, in which brand is built differently. In both businesses, managing a brand intensive company requires new kind of thinking compared to traditional production or sales-driven leadership and management. To generate profitable growth in the long term, the strategy and management of the company should evolve closer to so called brand-driven business management.

We bring solutions to business problems originating from inadequate utilization of brand as a business and growth driver. In addition to strategy insight, we offer concrete tools for analyzing and growing the company’s most important intangible asset, the brand.



BrandWorxx’s clients span a wide range of industries. Our brand-driven approach to strategy and management has repeatedly proven to be efficient. About 80% of our client cases come from long-term partnerships.


ISO standards - Committed to Excellence

BrandWorxx is a member of the ISO Technical Committee that has defined standards for brand valuation (ISO 10668:2010) and brand evaluation (ISO 20671:2017). Our methodology is compliant with both standards, as well as the ISO 9001 Quality Management standard.


The Team

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Jari Taipale

CEO & Senior Consultant

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Roope Jääskeläinen


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Andreas Kåll


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Jesse Holopainen

Associate Consultant

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Anu Perrotta

Senior Consultant

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Jean-Christophe Francet

Visiting Senior Consultant

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Janne Keltanen


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Sakari Hyrkkö

Communications Consultant

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Visiting Consultant

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Ilkka Muukkonen


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