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BrandWorxx is a management consultancy helping companies achieve long-term growth and market leadership through brand-driven strategy and management. With more than 20 years of experience, our ISO-standardized methodology gives CEOs and Executive teams an effective, tried and tested strategic framework for creating long-term success.


Brand-Driven Approach to Strategy and Management

The BrandWorxx methodology and model of business development is based on the notion that a company’s overall strategy should be based on brand-driven thinking.

This means placing the key elements of your brand concept – Differentiation, Core Segmentation and Portfolio – on top of strategic planning and company management. In a brand-driven company, they are on the CEO’s agenda at the core of business strategy, setting the foundation for other strategies and company operations.


A brand-driven approach enables all processes to support a unifying brand promise based on differentiating from competitors and satisfying core customer needs. This approach enables effective management and strategy implementation, giving the company a unified direction as well as increased efficiency by focusing resources and investments.

In the end, you will know what to promise and you are able to deliver on that promise.


Why a Brand-Driven Approach?

Efficient management. With a well-defined brand strategy, the company is able to spell out an easily communicable

brand promise. This conceptualized brand acts as a guideline for management of all processes, helping to streamline activities and distinguish the important from unimportant. Organizational structure and capabilities as well as management practices have to be developed to successfully implement the strategy.


Improved co-operation. A shared sense of direction and purpose means that business units and functions across the organization understand their own role in creating customer value. With better co-operation and understanding of the big picture comes better employee commitment, motivation and increased cross-organizational communication.


Delivery of the promise. In a brand-driven company, brand leads strategy and is delivered in all operations – it is not just a marketing and communications tool. A successfully implemented brand strategy will build competitive advantages and create more value for customers and better reputation among key stakeholder groups. A stronger brand accelerates a positive cycle that creates enduring long-term business value.


BrandWorxx Offering

Brand-Driven Strategy

A brand-driven strategy is the most effective tool for creating long-term business value.

BrandWorxx can help your company define, improve or update the following central strategic elements:

  • Core business strategy 

  • Brand differentiation

  • Core customer groups

  • Target markets

  • Brand portfolio strategy

  • Future business concepts


Successful implementation of strategy requires systematic management.

BrandWorxx's brand-driven approach to management gives tools for:


  • Creating management models and organizational structures that support brand-driven management

  • Efficient internal communication and implementation of strategy

  • Defining customer journey roles




BrandWorxx’s clients span a wide range of industries. Our brand-driven approach to strategy and management has repeatedly proven to be efficient. About 80% of our client cases come from long-term partnerships.


ISO standards - Committed to Excellence

BrandWorxx is a member of the ISO Technical Committee that has defined standards for brand valuation

(ISO 10668:2010) and brand evaluation (ISO 20671:2017). Our methodology is compliant with both standards, as well as the ISO 9001 Quality Management standard.


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WheelQ is a software company that offers a SaaS solution based on BrandWorxx methodology for analysing and impacting customers’ purchase decisions. With offices in Helsinki and Stockholm, WheelQ is one of the fastest-growing start-ups in Finland and has been selected for Business Finland’s Young Innovative Company funding program.

Roschier is one of the leading law firms in the Nordic region with offices in Helsinki and Stockholm. Roschier provides IPR analyses for all of our brand valuation cases.


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