Integrated methodology of strategy and management

Our competitive strategy and brand management services are tailored to your specific needs.
We help formulate strategies for growth and implement the change into the organization and management models.
Our insight is based on research data and standardized competitive advantage and brand KPIs.

Brand identity

Visualizing the brand's roots and telling its story. Based on strategy, a clearly identifiable and unified brand identity defines what the brand looks, feels and sounds like across all channels.

Customer journey roles

Defining the critical touchpoints on customer journeys and allocating responsibilities within the organization's functions and personnel for customer experience in each touchpoint.

Implementation into organization

Implementing the strategy and customer-driven approach into personnel through e.g. personnel's strategy book and workshops. Transformation program is tailored to the client's needs.

Management models and coaching

A systematic approach to brand management is created, enabling the company to exploit the brand's potential in business development. Management roles, implementation and action plan.

Brand portfolio management

Determining the maximal profit attainable from the company's brand portfolio. Brand management models and indicators are formed to support portfolio management and risk control.

Growth segmentation

To whom should you target our offering and which segments will give you future growth? Market research based on behavioral patterns and customer group deep analysis form a basis for customer-driven growth.

Brand differentiation and story

Differentiating from competitors in a right way creates competitive advantage and growth. An effective differentiation is targeted at the core needs of key segments and can be made a part of the organization's daily operations.

Brand portfolio strategy

Brand portfolio and brand hierarchy are designed to be manageable, profitable and adjustable to the changing markets. We define the most important KPIs for portfolio management and link them to financial objectives.

Monetary brand value (ISO 10668)

Determining the monetary value of brand gives an evaluation of the company's ability to compete and achieve a more profitable position on the long term. The project yields concrete suggestions for profitable business development.

Customer experience research

Does the company deliver on its brand promise in the critical touchpoints of its customer journeys? Customer experience research gives for example a basis for determining the brand's must-win-battles.

Future business concepts

Competition and markets are constantly transforming. What do your customers want in 5 or 10 years? Through research and analysis, we define the competitive advantage factors required in your business to succeed in future competition.

Target group analysis

A research on the brand's current and potential customer groups, their needs and preferences, based on purchase behavior patterns and market analyses.

Brand growth potential

Brand strength is a company's most important KPI between strategy and operative actions. By monitoring its brand strength, the company is able to respond to changing market situations and build enduring, measurable growth.

Management Systematics Customer experience research Brand growth potential Target group analysis Brand identity Customer journey roles Implementation into organization Brand portfolio strategy Future business concepts Monetary brand value (ISO 10668) Management models and coaching Brand portfolio management Brand differentiation and story Strategy Growth segmentation

Strategy planning, execution and monitoring in one software

BSX (Brand Strategy & Execution) is the ultimate business steering dashboard that seamlessly integrates the company's brand to its business. BSX compiles all elements of strategic competitive advantage management into an easily manageable dashboard, enabling scenario planning with a comprehensive view of your strategy.

BSX analyzes the company's various long-term scenarios, visualizing their effects on brand and financial success.

BSX is compliant with the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard.