Strategic partner for growth-seeking companies

We help business leaders formulate strategies for enduring growth and take them into practice.

BrandWorxx is a management consultancy specialized in strategic management of competitive advantage and brand. We help our clients grow and succeed through a stronger competitive strategy.

Brand is built from the customer's experience. We work out the future growth factors and growth segments not only through the company's strengths and market analytics, but also with a deep understanding of consumer behavior.

The purpose of brand is to increase business value. Resulting from over 20 years of development, our holistic methodology of competitive advantage management enables brand-driven business development, revealing the impact of strategy and operative actions on financial performance.

Jari Taipale
CEO, Senior Consultant

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Mari Suistola
Senior Consultant

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Lauri Sipilä
Senior Consultant

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Ilkka Muukkonen

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Tommi Huuska
Senior Consultant

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Jenni Tontti

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Janne Keltanen

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Miisa Taskinen

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Tapio Wento
Senior Consultant

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Communications Consultant

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Jean-Christophe Francet
Senior Consultant

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Andreas Kåll

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Jesse Holopainen
Project Manager

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Roope Jääskeläinen
Project Manager

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WheelQ is a software spin-off company based on our methodology, founded in 2015. WheelQ is Finland's fastest-growing start-up company, offering a SaaS solution for analyzing and impacting customers' purchase decisions.

Roschier is one of the leading law firms in the Nordic region with offices in Helsinki and Stockholm. Roschier provides IPR analyses for all of our brand strength determination projects.

International Organization for Standardization has determined standards for monetary valuation of brand (ISO 10668) and brand evaluation (ISO 20671). BrandWorxx is the only Finnish member in the international collegium that has determined the standards.
ISO 20671