Strong competitive strategy enables enduring growth

Are all your business functions building a stronger competitive advantage?
Is the growth potential created by competitive advantage fully capitalized in your business?
We offer solutions for long-term business value growth through systematic management of competitive strategy.


We help the management formulate a differentiating competitive strategy that reaches future growth segments, strengthens competitive advantage and creates customer value.


We support the management in defining and executing the key measures that convert the business potential of competitive advantage into profits.


We make competitive strategy a measurable, manageable process which is integrated into the company's management system with modern tools.

Our methodology of strategic brand management is the result of over 20 years of development.

Our competitive strategy structure model is based on the ISO 20671 standard.
It integrates competitive advantage and brand seamlessly into business through offering, segmentation, differentiation, customer journeys and investments.
The methodology has been successfully applied to numerous clients in various industries.

How to get started?

Building competitive advantage for your brand is strategic long-term business development. An effective competitive strategy requires understanding your strengths, the market situation and customer valuations.

A good start is to determine the Status of strategic competitive advantage or Monetary brand value.

Status of strategic competitive advantage

Understanding status of competitive advantage forms a basis for customer-driven business development. Outcome is an overall picture of competitive strategy in crucial markets and a prioritized management development program.

Monetary brand value

Based on the ISO 10668 standard, the monetary valuation of brand helps management assess the company's long-term financial success, competitive advantage and profitability.